Addressing the Zion Landfill

One of the local issues that has come to my attention is the situation with the Zion landfill. As some may already know, many residents living in the area surrounding the landfill have registered complaints about odor, noise and debris related to the Advanced Disposal landfill. In addition, Advanced Disposal recently purchased more land with the intention of expanding the landfill over the course of the next decade. In response, several residents have started a campaign to oppose any expansion. After contacting the Illinois EPA on behalf of residents, I was informed that, currently, Advanced Disposal is not in violation of any state regulations, but they are continuing to monitor the situation. Should Advanced Disposal pursue an expansion, it would require a lengthy permitting and review process on both the local and state levels.

If you would like to learn more about this issue, the Lake County News-Sun has a detailed report, Click Here. For information about the local group opposing an expansion of the landfill, Click Here.

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