State Police Recommend Timely Submission for FOID Renewal

FOID cards are required for the legal possession or purchase of a firearm in Illinois. People seeking to renew these cards should submit their applications in a timely manner. Since June 1, 2008, an Illinois FOID card has been valid for 10 years. In the summer of 2008 many Illinois residents applied for 10-year cards, and these cards are all expiring this summer.

The Illinois State Police urges Illinois current and prospective gun owners who are looking towards applying for or renewing a FOID card this summer to submit their application as soon as possible. The vast majority of applications are submitted online. Delays could happen as the State Police works through the statistical bulge of applications that are expected to come in this summer.

In addition, persons looking to acquire or renew their Concealed Carry Licenses this summer are being urged to prepare to submit their applications in a timely manner. The concealed-carry law, which authorizes permitted Illinois residents to carry a concealed firearm for a period of five years from the date of issuance, was enacted over the veto of former Gov. Pat Quinn in July 2013. More than 240,000 concealed carry licenses have been issued in Illinois. The license cycle started in March 2014. These five-year concealed carry licenses will start to expire in March, April, and May of 2019, and there may be a spike of renewal requests. Concealed carry license renewals will require attendance at 3 hours of hands-on training.

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