Jesiel Appointed to Special Task Force

Following the adoption of House Resolution 648, State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor) has been appointed to serve on the Firearm Public Awareness Task Force. This special task force was reconstituted to address the presence of illegal guns in Illinois.

“Illinois’ gun laws are some of the strictest in the nation, yet those determined to circumvent the law continue to find ways to bring illegal guns into the state,” said Jesiel. “Too often, Illinois has responded by rushing to pass sweeping new laws to deal with this problem, but failed to first consider the unintended consequences or even review the effectiveness of existing law. Improving law enforcements ability to enforce current law or addressing a socioeconomic factor may be a better the solution.”

Jesiel continued, “If this task force takes the time to properly evaluate the data, compare our laws to those working in other parts of the country and determine why current law isn’t working, the end result will be much more effective. I have long felt that we need to take this type of holistic approach. If this is allowed to happen, I believe the task force can produce recommendations to address the illegal gun problem without adversely impacting those who lawful own a firearm.”

The Firearm Public Awareness Task Force consists of 22 members, 10 from the Illinois House, as well as representatives from law enforcement, public health, law-abiding firearm organizations and gun violence prevention advocates. The task force will hold public hearings and is tasked with gathering data to study illegal gun crime and provide findings for recommendations to the General Assembly in the below areas.
  • The previous report compiled by the Firearm Public Awareness Task Force of the 97th General Assembly 
  • Shootings in Illinois by region and what might be contributing to more shootings in one area of the State compared to others 
  • Gun dealers and gun sales that may have led to illegal usage or straw purchases 
  • The transportation of firearms, especially newly manufactured firearms as they are transported through Illinois (including the study of the repeated gun thefts at the Norfolk Southern Rail Yard) 
  • Mental health laws and treatments for those individuals who have access to firearms

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