Jesiel Says FY19 Budget Must Provide Structural Premise for Healthy IL Future

This week, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner delivered his annual budget address, a speech in which the Governor laid out his proposal for annual state spending. While the Governor proposes a spending plan, it is the General Assembly (GA) that drafts and approves the legislation which actually authorizes the state to spend money.

State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor) pinpointed a few broad themes from the Governor’s address as critical to FY19 budget discussions whether or not his specific proposals become law. Jesiel also said it is critical the General Assembly adopt a revenue estimate, a Constitutional requirement that has not been met since 2011.

“The budget address recognized that a rising economy allows us all to rise with it,” said Jesiel. “However, government, in Illinois in particular, has too often forgotten that we need to foster a competitive environment to create this economic rise. Acknowledging this reality is very important to ensuring our economy grows faster than our government. Otherwise, we cannot hope to rebalance our state and provide compassionate services.

“I share this type of approach to the budgeting process and I was glad the budget address focused on these themes to provide a structural framework as a base to build a healthy future for Illinois. My district needs to be competitive with Wisconsin so we can stop the hemorrhage of Illinois residents out of the district and the state.

“I look forward to getting more detailed information about some of the specific proposals the Governor presented. However, before any proposal can be pursued, the General Assembly must adopt a revenue estimate which has not been done for several years. Without an official revenue estimate that defines how much the state can appropriate, we cannot begin to address the fiscal needs of our state.

“Once we have that number, we can pursue a better approach to budgeting that will allow us to address the bureaucratic accountability gap which has caused the state to spend beyond its means for far too long. This is the best way to bring down our tax burden while providing for the needs of students, property owners, seniors and the disadvantaged.”

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