Jesiel Tours Innovative Renovation Project at Zion Central Middle School

(Left to Right) Superintendent Keely Roberts, teacher
Jeff LaBelle and State Rep. Sheri Jesiel.
Recently, State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor) was given a tour of renovated facilities at Zion Central Middle School by Superintendent Keely Roberts and teacher Jeff LaBelle. Zion Central is part of an innovative learning space redesign undertaken by Zion Elementary District 6 to implement expanded programing designed to prepare students for the changing practical and technological skills needed to succeed in high school and career.

“It’s great to see how District 6 is taking this innovative approach to improving their learning environment for students,” said Jesiel. “Implementing programs focused on the changing practical and technological skills needed to succeed is exactly what is needed as our career environment continues to change so rapidly in the 21st century. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and was excited to observe the enthusiasm that the students and teachers have for these new opportunities to learn relevant skills.”

The redesign at Zion Central Middle School features expanded programing options such as Business Incubator, Microsoft Office Certification and Trades Spaces. Trades Spaces offers hands on learning for trades such as mechanics, plumbing, electrical learning and culinary arts. The renovations also feature library and classroom updates to include high-tech elements to give students more access to collaborative and interactive learning spaces, as well as individualized quiet work areas.

District 6 is also instituting an alternative learning program called Opportunity Excelerate. Opportunity Excelerate is designed to meet the individual needs of students based on academic, behavioral and social-emotional criteria to ensure each student receives the structured learning environment they need to succeed.

In addition to these innovative improvements at Zion Central, District 6 has been able to increase its preschool capacity by 29% and every school within the district has received improvements to outdated spaces to improve the learning environment of all students. For additional information about the work being done at Zion Elementary District 6, Click Here.

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