Illinois State Board of Education continues transition to SAT testing

The nationwide Standardized Achievement Test (SAT), historically used as by college-bound students as an entrance exam, has previously been chosen by the ISBE as a universal test to be administered throughout Illinois high schools to measure high school performance and student aptitudes. It is necessary that each high school administer the same test; this will generate standardized results that can be used to measure not only students but also their schools.

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has now set forth the SAT scores that will be seen as “minimum proficiency” scores. By vote of the statewide board in October 2017, ISBE is recommending that all students and their schools achieve a minimum proficiency, and average aggregated group minimum proficiency, of 540 in math and 540 in literacy (reading/writing). These minimum proficiency scores will be referenced in future reports on school and school district performance.

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