Republicans Demand Action on School Funding Reform

Governor Rauner called the General Assembly into special session this week to demand action.

Unfortunately, Speaker Madigan and President Cullerton continue to delay sending the education funding bill to the Governor’s desk. It’s been two months. Families and children have waited too long. They need to know their kids will be able to go to school on time.

By holding onto SB 1 for almost 60 days, Democrats have manufactured an artificial crisis and are playing politics with our kids’ education. That’s unacceptable and shameful.

We have a chance to make history with school funding reform and ensure that all students in Illinois receive the education they deserve.

If a reasonable compromise that is in the best interest of our children isn't reached, the governor will move forward with an amendatory veto on Monday as planned

SB 1 bill as written puts Chicago Public Schools’ pension debt burden on the rest of our school districts – that isn’t fair. By doing that, 851 school districts will get less state money for their schools and students.

On Friday, Senate Republican Leader-Designee Bill Brady and House Republican Leader Jim Durkin released the following statement:

“At the Governor’s request, we have asked Sens. Jason Barickman and Dan McConchie and Reps. Avery Bourne and Bob Pritchard to reach out to their Democrat colleagues on a school funding reform plan that treats all school districts in Illinois fairly and equitably.

Our schools cannot wait any longer, we must act now.”

Also on Friday, the Republican negotiating team of Sen. Jason Barickman, Sen. Dan McConchie, Rep. Avery Bourne and Rep. Bob Pritchard released the following statement:

“This afternoon, at the request of the Governor and our respective legislative leaders, we have reached out to convene a meeting with Rep. Barbra Flynn Currie, Rep. Will Davis, Sen. Kimberly Lightford and Sen. Andy Manar as soon as possible on school funding reform. We have cleared our calendars in order to facilitate these discussions today and over the weekend. We are hopeful our Democrat colleagues realize the urgency as well.

With sincere bipartisan discussions, a solution can be negotiated and presented for review before the scheduled transmittal to the Governor of Senate Bill 1 on Monday. Absent that, the Governor has made it clear he will use his Amendatory Veto authority.

We need to act quickly to ensure funding will be released in time for schoolhouse doors to open next month.”

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