Jesiel Says State Being Held Back By Failed Policies of the Past

State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor) says that by overriding Gov. Rauner’s veto of a tax increase and unsustainable budget, the state will continue to be held back by the same failed policies on the past.

“When these pieces of legislation were presented on extremely short notice in the House on Sunday, I understood that many of my colleagues felt compelled to vote for the tax increase because of the desperate circumstances facing Illinois,” said Jesiel. “Yet, countless opportunities prior this point were allowed to pass without taking any action. It should never have been allowed.

“I unequivocally agree that we cannot continue to put our most vulnerable, our school children and our universities at risk because of the lack of a budget, but we cannot keep asking our residents to be an ATM for the same failed policies. No one is protecting the taxpayers - single parents, families and seniors just trying to stay in their homes because their taxes are so high they can barely afford to make ends meet.

“The budget which passed on Sunday failed to address the $15 billion bill backlog, failed to provide any sort of property tax relief, failed to address regulatory reform or the fee schedule driving up workers compensation costs. Adding a third tier to the pension system, but failing to address the billions in unfunded pension liability is not reform, nor is holding school funding reform hostage to the passage of a CPS bailout. These are just a gambit to appear to be reform, just like so many other maneuvers of the past.

“The Governor correctly vetoed the tax increase and budget because it failed to address these problems. Until Speaker Madigan is willing to accept fundamental change to the way Illinois government functions, it won’t be long until the state is asking for yet another tax increase. I could not in good conscience ask this of taxpayers. Despite today, I will continue working to change Illinois - that’s why my friends and neighbors sent me here, and I believe the state can, and will, ultimately change for the better.”

Watch video of Jesiel speaking on the House floor during the initial vote for the tax increase, Click Here.

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