Jesiel Joins with Bipartisan Group of House Lawmakers to Urge the Senate to Act

A joint statement from the bipartisan group:
"The finances of the state of Illinois are in crisis, and we must do better. The time for resolution is now. We are a bipartisan group of House members committed to seeing that happen.

There have been many ideas submitted both inside and outside the Statehouse. The key question for any of them is 'do they have the votes to pass?' The Senate offers one set of ideas in the form of a grand bargain negotiated by both Democrats and Republicans in that chamber.

We believe a solution that can pass the House and Senate and be signed by the Governor needs to include a package of bills that fundamentally addresses the needs of the state, and most importantly provides a normal, full-year budget for our state agencies, schools, and social service providers.

Let’s be clear; we aren’t looking at a simple all or nothing vote on a package sent from the Senate. We understand that a package sent from the Senate will not be complete or perfect, and it will change. Our legislative process allows hearings and amendments from both chambers, and we think that’s the best way to negotiate a deal that serves our constituents and the state as a whole.

We want to do what we were elected to do; govern the state. To do that we need to pass a budget. We understand a package from the Senate will be complex. Some parts may make members uncomfortable, and that’s not unusual in a negotiated deal.

We ask the Senators from both parties to pass the best negotiated package they can, and then we will take up their work in the House. We publicly support the hard work of the Senate and wish to continue their efforts."

Signed by:
Representative Ann Williams
Representative Anna Moeller
Representative Barb Wheeler
Representative Bob Pritchard
Representative Camille Lilly
Representative Carol Sente
Representative Chad Hays
Representative David Harris
Representative Elaine Nekritz
Representative Elgie Sims
Representative Grant Wehrli
Representative Jehan Gordon
Representative Jerry Costello
Representative Keith Wheeler
Representative Kelly Burke
Representative Kelly Cassidy
Representative Linda Chapa LaVia
Representative Litesa Wallace
Representative Marcus Evans
Representative Mike Fortner
Representative Norine Hammond
Representative Sam Yingling
Representative Sara Wojcicki Jimenez
Representative Sheri Jesiel
Representative Sonya Harper
Representative Stephanie Kifowit
Representative Steve Andersson
Representative Terri Bryant
Representative Tim Butler
Representative Tom Bennett
Representative Juliana Stratton

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