Jesiel Sponsored Legislation to Support Domestic Violence Shelters Passes House

Legislation sponsored by State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor) to appropriate funding for domestic violence shelters passed the House this week. House Bill 3259 appropriates funding from special funds to aid victims without the need for a tax increase.

“Through House Bill 3259, critical funding will be provided to keep facilities open that care for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. In Lake County, this includes places like A Safe Place and Haven,” said Jesiel. “Although Springfield has been beleaguered by gridlock lately, the passage of this legislation demonstrates the good that can happen when bipartisan participation is fostered. By working across the aisle, we managed to fund essential services through special funding sources without increasing taxes or adding to the deficit. I hope we can use this approach to solve the wider budget crisis and move Illinois forward.”

House Bill 3259 appropriates funds through a special commitment fund, the Commitment to Human Services Fund, to fund the Domestic Violence Shelters and Services Program. The commitment funds utilized are already available to the state without the need for additional revenue and will ensure the facilities that care for vulnerable victims of various forms of abuse will have access the vital services they need.

The stopgap that passed the House last year to fund social services did not contain funding for the Domestic Violence Shelters and Services Programs, making the passage of House Bill 3259 essential for victims in need of care.

House Bill 3259 passed the House with unanimous support and now makes it way to the Senate where it is expect to receive similar broad support. Learn more about the legislation, Click Here.

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