Jesiel Says Failure to Even Vote on Balanced Budget is Springfield at its Worst

A Letter to the Editor by State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor) 
When the month of May began, I was actively involved in ongoing negotiations with colleagues from both sides of the aisle. These negotiations involved rank-and-file members working together to craft legislation to reform Illinois’ school funding formula that would be part a broader budget proposal.

The good faith and cooperation of these negotiations gave me hope that we could actually tackle this critical issue and use it as a catalyst to craft a balanced budget and begin the financial healing process our state so desperately needs. Unfortunately, these final days of session have shown Springfield at its political worst.

For Speaker Madigan to not even call a vote on a budget appropriation bill, let alone a balanced budget appropriation bill, is a disservice to every person in the state of Illinois. If the end of the fiscal year comes on June 30 and there is no budget in place, more services will stop and it may cause irreparable damage to the long-term financial solvency of our state. The taxpayers, students and most vulnerable being made to endure this calamitous situation deserve better and I hope the Speaker will finally put people ahead of politics before it is too late.

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