Jesiel Says Attorney General Needs to Compel GA to Recognize Balanced Budget Statue

In an effort to advance the state budget process, State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor), along with 39 other House colleagues, has sent a letter to Attorney General Lisa Madigan. The letter, which was sent last week, calls on the Attorney General to use the power of her office to force the Illinois General Assembly to adopt a revenue estimate prior to the filing and passage of any spending bills. Jesiel and her fellow signatories are seeking the Attorney General’s action to prevent further damage to the state’s finances and the many social service providers who serve the most vulnerable.

In the letter, Jesiel and her co-signers cite several prior court rulings and instances which set precedent for the Attorney General to intervene to ensure the Illinois Constitution is upheld. Both the Constitution and state law require the General Assembly to adopt a revenue estimate on which to base a balanced budget for the forthcoming fiscal year. This action has not occurred in either of the past two years and has not been done for the forthcoming fiscal year either.

“The Illinois Constitution makes it very clear that a revenue estimate must be adopted in order to appropriate funding for a budget,” said Jesiel. “Without an estimate, any proposed budget is merely guess work that further exacerbates our financial problems since we won’t know if we have the funds necessary to meet the anticipated appropriations. This is backward budgeting that will only perpetuate the uncertainly already facing our social services network, taxpayers and job creators.

“The law and legal precedent demonstrate that the Attorney General’s office has the ability to require the General Assembly to recognize state statue and adopt a revenue estimate,” Jesiel continued. “She has also expressed opinion supporting the revenue estimate rule in the past. Considering the dire situation faced by the state, I urge her to act before the limited time remaining in the regular legislative session runs out.”

Including today, 10 days remain until the deadline of May 31 to pass a balanced budget for Fiscal Year 2018. 

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