Jesiel Reacts to State of the State: Economic Growth the Key

Statement by State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor):

“I appreciated that the Governor highlighted many of the positives that most of our residents aren’t hearing about, such as a focus on technology initiatives to streamline government, reducing bureaucratic red tape, and for the first time in years, increased education funding. He also made a point about the shared responsibility of passing a balanced budget, which I think is very important. As he noted, it is the moral responsibility owed to all the people of Illinois and I hope his call to work together is taken up soon by both sides.

“I was also pleased by his focus on job creation and economic opportunity. Since my district is on the border of Wisconsin, this is our number one concern, not just for the sake of jobs alone, but from a standpoint of compassion. Generating economic development and more opportunity in Illinois provides stability for families, provides property tax relief and allows us the means to care for our most vulnerable. As he suggested, it’s only when we grow our economy and generate both jobs and additional revenues that we can be a compassionate state.”

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