Rep. Jesiel Visits Local School

State Representative Sheri Jesiel visited Westlake Christian Academy in Grayslake on Thursday September 29th and spoke to students of various ages about being a State Legislator. Rep. Jesiel took questions from engaged and interested students in a senior year government class on the current issues facing the state. The students were excited to speak with Rep. Jesiel and hear about how the topics they are studying are actually applied in Illinois. “It is great to see future citizens asking smart questions about what is happening in government,” Rep. Jesiel said. “The decisions we make in Springfield will impact their future and I hope that more students become interested and get actively involved in government.” 

The Illinois General Assembly took action this spring to expand the ways that young citizens can get involved in elections, which is intended to increase their participation in the democratic process. A new law allows 17-year-olds, who will be 18 by the general election, to sign and circulate petitions, vote in primary and local elections and serve as election judges.
Rep. Jesiel then spoke with a second grade class on much less serious matters. In addition to explaining her role as a State Legislator, she took votes from the class on pizza versus ice cream to explain about rules and how voting works.