Jesiel Property Tax Seminar Draws Capacity Crowd in Grandwood Park

This week, State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor) held a property tax education seminar with Lake County Board Member Steve Carlson and local Township Assessors. The seminar offered residents the opportunity to learn about the process for determining property taxes and how to appeal if an over-assessment has occurred.

“We all know property taxes are a major issue for our area, particularly since we’re only minutes from the Wisconsin border,” said Jesiel. “This is why it’s so important for residents to know the factors that determine their property assessment and what information to use to determine whether the assessments are accurate. This information could make a difference of hundreds or thousands of dollars in taxes a year. For many families, that may be the reason you’re able to stay in your home.”

Township Assessors from Benton, Lake Villa, Newport, Warren and Zion Townships were in attendance to answer questions and address local concerns. Charlie Mullin, Warren Township Assessor, and Jeff Lee, Lake Villa Township Assessor, walked attendees through the online appeal process through the Lake County website, found here.

Jesiel also spoke to attendees about how important it is to improve Illinois’ business and jobs climate to provide relief from the property tax burden. “Every time a person or business moves away, those of us who remain have to pick up a larger piece of the property tax pie. If we can cut the red tape that is crippling business growth, investment and job creation, we’ll be able to broaden the tax base and shrink the piece of the property tax pie we all share.”

Several other factors which impact property taxes were also discussed, such as the distribution of property taxes to different local taxing bodies like school districts, municipal governments and special taxing districts such as sanitary districts. Jesiel also noted the importance of residents taking an active role when local governments prepare budgets to hold elected officials accountable and curtail over-budgeting that further exacerbates the cost of local property taxes.

Property tax bills will be mailed throughout Lake County starting May 2. For questions or assistance, contact your local township assessor or the Lake County Chief Assessment office at (847) 377-2050 or click here. For other assistance, contact Representative Jesiel’s office at (847) 395-8000.