State Representative Sheri Jesiel, Congressman Bob Dold and Lake County Commissioner Sandra Hart will be hosting a Job Fair on Wednesday, May 4 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Wildwood Presbyterian Church, 18630 Old Gages Lake Road in Grayslake.

This week, State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor) held a property tax education seminar with Lake County Board Member Steve Carlson and local Township Assessors. The seminar offered residents the opportunity to learn about the process for determining property taxes and how to appeal if an over-assessment has occurred.

“We all know property taxes are a major issue for our area, particularly since we’re only minutes from the Wisconsin border,” said Jesiel. “This is why it’s so important for residents to know the factors that determine their property assessment and what information to use to determine whether the assessments are accurate. This information could make a difference of hundreds or thousands of dollars in taxes a year. For many families, that may be the reason you’re able to stay in your home.”
State universities statewide are facing sharp cutbacks and, in some cases, threatened shutdowns due to the current budget impasse. The failure of the Illinois General Assembly majority to enact a balanced budget has led to cash-flow situations affecting Illinois higher education. However, the stopgap funding bill passed by the General Assembly on Friday is expected to enable all twelve state university campuses to continue to operate through the 2016 spring and summer terms.

Senate Bill 2059 was presented as a measure to keep state universities open through the summer months and until further funding can be appropriated for higher education. Specifically, the bill has appropriated $600 million for higher education institutions from the Education Assistance Fund, funding which is immediately available.
From the desk of your Lake County Treasurer David Stolman:
As we enter spring 2016, our office is busy preparing the 2015 property tax bills as they will be mailed on May 2. Remember, this is the only bill you will receive. Like previous years, property taxes will be due in two equal installments. This year, the due dates will be June 2 and September 2.

The envelopes provided will have the return address P.O. Box 1030, Bedford Park, IL. This is our P.O. box located in Bedford Park, IL, and is the closet Post Office to our lock box facility. Please use these envelopes when mailing in your payments.

We'd also like to introduce our new website It's been a long time coming! We hope you find it informative and more user-friendly.
The supplemental fee for renewing a motor vehicle sticker is automatically charged whenever the owner of the motor vehicle delays filing a renewal slip and paying the vehicle license renewal fee. If the fee is paid on time, the driver will get a decal from the office of the Illinois Secretary of State to attach to the steel license plate on the relicensed motor vehicle. If the fee is not paid on time, the driver is required to pay an extra supplementary fee to re-license the motor vehicle, and the vehicle may also face the possibility of a police stop as a result of driving with an expired tag.

Until FY16, Illinois drivers received letters from the Office of the Secretary of State shortly prior to the expirations of their existing stickers. The letters contained friendly reminder notices intended to nudge the driver/vehicle owner to file the renewal application, pay the fee, and get the sticker. Unfortunately, the Secretary of State’s office no longer sends out these reminder notices. They point out that their agency has not gotten appropriated funds for its needs from the State of Illinois since the start of FY16 in July 2015. This explanation confuses Illinois drivers, who are well aware that the motor vehicle license renewal fees that they are required to pay every year contain more than enough to cover the costs of a robot mail piece.
The Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO) Board has APPROVED funding for its electronics recycling program.

After voting at an emergency meeting on March 3 to close its five remaining collection sites effective May 1, 2016, the SWALCO Board of Directors reversed that decision at its April 14 meeting.

For at least the remainder of the year, Lake County residents should continue to use the five collection sites located in Waukegan, Highland Park, Grayslake, Grant Township and Cuba Township.

If you know of any organization, business, or individuals able to help sponsor a Veteran for Lake County Honor Flight call (847) 282-0374 or visit

Lake County Honor Flight transports America's veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit the monuments and memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifices. Lake County Honor Flight works diligently to raise funds so that trips are available to veterans at no cost! The organization is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501c3 non-profit. Lake County Honor Flight operates 100% on a volunteer basis.
The presentation was made by the Illinois Business and Economic Development Corporation (ILBEDC) CEO Jim Schultz. He explained to the newly-convened House Committee on Public Private Partnerships the role of ILBEDC to sell Illinois as a place to locate businesses and create jobs. CEO Schultz explained that the new nonprofit corporation is expected to match the economic-development-corporation organizational model grasped by 17 U.S. states and by many regions within Illinois. Neighboring states that have set up EDCs include Indiana, Missouri, and Wisconsin. Large states that have set up EDCs include Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and Texas.
Have questions about your property taxes? Please join State Rep. Sheri Jesiel, Lake County Board Member Steve Carlson and local Township Assessors to learn about the process for determining your property taxes and how to appeal if you believe you are being over-assessed.

Notices of vehicle emission tests due soon on nearly a half a million Illinois vehicles are finally being mailed out, despite a state budget stalemate, state officials said Wednesday.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency had stopped mailing the reminders in December because of the state budget crunch. It resumed doing so Wednesday after the testing contractor, Applus Technologies, agreed to eat the cost of the mailings, state EPA officials said.

The reminders started to go out Wednesday for vehicles due for emission tests in March, April and May, Illinois EPA spokeswoman Kim Biggs said. That covers as many as 498,000 vehicles, she said.
State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor) has been named to the Small Business Empowerment and Workforce Development Committee in the Illinois House of Representatives. As the name suggests, the primary objective of the committee is to review legislation in the House that promotes small business in Illinois.

“I’m very pleased to join this committee,” said Jesiel. “Small business is the backbone of our economy. Reviving it in Illinois is essential to growing the economy and creating the jobs our state needs.”

Since joining the Illinois House of Representatives in 2014, Jesiel has made growing the local economy in her north suburban district a key tenant of her efforts in the legislature. She has formed two economic development groups that have brought together stake holders on the state and local level to revive local resources, boost the economy and create jobs. One of the groups, The Lakefront Economic Development Group has led to a joint effort between the communities of Beach Park, Winthrop Harbor and Zion that is moving forward with plans to redevelop resources between the North Point Marina and the Illinois Beach State Park.
This week, State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor) advanced legislation that would expand the training standards for police to enhance protection for victims of domestic violence. While all law enforcement officers in Illinois are trained in procedures to recognize and handle domestic violence situations, Jesiel’s legislation, House Bill 5538, would improve the training standards for officers to prevent further victimization caused by the emotional trauma of domestic violence.

“Domestic violence causes damage to a victim that goes far beyond the physical impact,” said Jesiel. “It’s very important that we ensure that the training of our law enforcement officers focuses not just on procedures when responding to incidents of domestic violence, but also on preparing them to understand the psychological dynamics between abusers and their victims.”

House Bill 5538 updates the Illinois Code of Criminal Procedure of 1963 and the Domestic Violence Act of 1986 to ensure that law enforcement training for new recruits includes more than just tactical procedures. The legislation also provides that every five years, continuing education programs for current officers will also be implemented in coordination with other agencies and community organizations that work with victims.
State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor) has official moved offices. The District Office has moved from the Warren Township Center in Gurnee to Main Street in Antioch. Feel free to stop by say hello sometime.

New address and phone number:
959 Main St, Suite 1
Antioch, IL 60002
(847) 395-8000