Professional licensing process goes all-electronic

The announcement by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (DFPR) was made on Tuesday, February 23. DFPR is the entity that oversees the processes used to grant and renew licenses upon 1.4 million Illinois residents who are licensed to practice one or more of Illinois’ approximately 100 regulated professions.

Although precursors of Illinois’ professional licensing process have been in place since the time of Abraham Lincoln, up until recently the application for a new or renewed license was always performed on a paper form and the license was printed out on paper and sent to the professional. During a recent transition period, professionals could choose whether to apply and get licensed/relicensed electronically or through the traditional paper pathway. In a move that will lead to estimated savings of nearly $3 million over a five-year period, DFPR’s Secretary Bryan Schneider announced this week that the paper has been crumpled up. License renewal notices will no longer be sent out by mail. Remaining paper-license-holders are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Department’s online license renewal process, which is available here.