Statement - Jesiel Echoes Governor: Put Priority on Next Generation, Not Next Election

“The Governor laid it out clearly once more today; years of poor financial stewardship have put our state in a situation that is untenable without reform and he made it quite clear that all he is asking for is compromise. Since 1999, Illinois has bled jobs and it’s led to an unhealthy state economy. I think his requests are reasonable, a combination of reforms and cost reductions are essential and it’s the only realistic way we can moved forward.

I also appreciated that his address made future generations a key priority. As he said, ‘The next generation should be our priority, not the next election.’ Whatever final budget is approved will impact the next generation and I was happy that he put such great emphasis on education. A focus on starting young should be a priority, as he mentioned, and his request for a clean K-12 education bill that doesn’t take from one district to pay for another is also reasonable and encouraging.

The ultimate takeaway is compromise. It must happen to solve this budget crisis. He’s shown he is willing and ready to make it happen, so hopefully those who have been resistant will take advantage of this opportunity to find common ground. A reformed budget built on compromise is the key to lasting change in Illinois and Governor Rauner provided two clear options for a way forward today.”