Jesiel Glad to See House Release Local Government and Other Funds

State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor) has called the House’s action to pass Senate Bill 2039 a show of maturity, as the House voted last week to release motor fuel tax receipts and other funds designated to fund local road and public safety projects, including 9-1-1 services.

Much was made of the passage of House Bill 4305 in the House in November, only to see the House Speaker put a hold on the bill, preventing it from moving to the Senate. House Bill 4305 contained the same language as the amendment to Senate Bill 2039. The passage of Senate Bill 2039 in the House and moving it to the Senate means the Senate can act without a 3-day waiting requirement and promptly move the bill to the Governor for passage.

“While meaningful progress on most budget issues has stalled in Springfield this year, I was glad to see the House show some maturity and bring members on both sides of the aisle together in supporting Senate Bill 2039,” said Jesiel. “Building consensus is the way our system is supposed to work and I expect the Senate to act without delay as they convene today and allow the Governor to sign the legislation.”

SB 2039 allows the state to release primarily non-general revenue funds intended for local government and other funds that do not impact the overall state budget. These include motor fuel tax receipts, lottery payments, wireless service funds for 9-1-1 programs and other emergency telecommunications purposes.

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