Volunteer for Lake County Adopt a Highway

The Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) is now accepting applications for enrollment in the Lake County Adopt A Highway program. Volunteers adopt a section of a county highway, and commit to cleaning it twice a year. At this time, there are 23 sections of highway and two bike paths waiting patiently for someone to adopt them. Find the right match for your group today!

The LCDOT provides volunteers with high-visibility safety vests, trash bags and safety information. To acknowledge your effort, a commemorative sign will be installed at the site of your clean-up. This is a valuable learning experience for the volunteers who contribute a very important public service, promote civic responsibility and teamwork, and help the environment.

Open enrollment is taking place now through Friday, August 28. Participants must be at least ten years of age and anyone younger than 18 years of age must have adult supervision.

For more information, please visit the LCDOT website, or call 847.377.7472.