North Point Marina Public Beach Has Reopened

After years of frustration, a cooperative effort between local leaders, the Lake County Health Department and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has final resulted in the reopening of the North Beach. The work culminated this year with the replanting of native species by the Health Department and a local beach clean-up effort sponsored by the Winthrop Harbor Chamber of Commerce, Winthrop Harbor Tourism and the marina.

Winthrop Harbor Mayor Robert Loy had this to say, "I was very pleased to hear that the beach reopened for swimming this week. I want to thank all those who worked so hard to give us back our beach. Thank you especially to Representative Sheri Jesiel for picking up the ball and seeing this project to the end and to the efforts of the IDNR and the County Health Department for caring enough to get this done for us. Now I hope everyone can enjoy the use of this public facility for years to come as our residents have for generations."