Equal Pay Reform

House Republicans support equal pay for women in the workplace. As the regularly scheduled spring legislative session came to a close, House Republicans backed legislation in the Illinois House in support of equal pay for equal work.

An amended version of HB 3619. Bryant voted Yes to concur with changes made to the bill in the Illinois Senate. Bryant says the changes lowered the fines for first time offenses to reduce the burden on the smallest of small businesses.

“Often, the process involved in drafting good legislation takes time and compromise,” Bryant said. “The original fines for businesses with 3 or less employees were far too high. When we work together to reach compromise in Springfield, we get better results.”

Bryant had argued that high first time fines proposed in the original bill were likely to drive more businesses, jobs, and population from the state. That type of outward migration is something Bryant says Illinois cannot afford.

“The business climate in Illinois is already very difficult and laden with regulation. Illinois can’t afford to lose any more jobs. I want to commend the sponsor of this legislation for being open to making a pro-business change that allowed us all to vote to support equal pay for equal work,” Bryant said.”

In addition to HB 3619, House Republicans supported an Equal Pay resolution sponsored by State Rep. David McSweeney. HR 442 states that the House strongly supports workplace equity and equality under the law covering pay and benefits for employees as established by the Equal Pay Act of 1963.