Jesiel: Budget Gimmick Represents Chicago Politics at its Worst

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor) expressed great disappointment that Illinois House Democrats tried to amend and pass an unserious and un-agreed to budget bill in an attempt to divide the House further.

“The actions in the House yesterday represent the worst of Chicago politics and why so many people are fed up with Springfield,” said Jesiel. “The budget bill and its 16 amendments, totaling hundreds of pages, were brought to the floor just hours after being filed. Unfortunately, it was not a serious effort and the Speaker and his members knew it wouldn’t actually become law.”

Jesiel continued, “The worst part of this dishonest attempt is that it raised the hopes of so many people, not knowing this bill wasn’t seriously meant to become law. I’m also disappointed because this action disrespects not only other legislators, the Governor, the many groups who have been working with lawmakers for months, but it disrespects the legislative process and our democracy.”

16 amendments to HB 4141 were introduced in the House mere hours before the votes denying Republican lawmakers, groups impacted by the funding, and the general public any opportunity to read or offer input on the amendments before they were rammed through on a partisan vote. These actions were aimed at undermining the budget process and thwarting the ability of all legislators to participate. Jesiel and her fellow Republicans voted Present to highlight this irregular and purely partisan disruption of the budget process.