Former Gov. Walker Remembered

On Wednesday, April 29, 92-year-old former Governor Dan Walker passed away. Noted for his folksy 1,000-mile “walk” through many Illinois communities in his successful 1972 campaign, the Democrat served a four-year term (January 1973 – January 1977) as Illinois’ chief executive. His leadership was marked by enactment of the Illinois State Lottery law; the first tickets were sold in summer 1974. Walker also signed the State law that created the Chicago-area Regional Transportation Authority (RTA).

After his time in office, Walker attempted to lead a Chicago-area savings and loan financial institution. Questionable activities led to his trial and conviction on federal charges. After being released from imprisonment, Walker moved to the San Diego area, where he spent much of the remainder of his life.

The Flag Display Act is the flag code for the display of flags in Illinois public buildings. Governor Rauner has asked that all flags flown at State of Illinois public buildings be flown at half-staff through Sunday, May 3 in remembrance of the former Governor.