Safety Initiative For Riders Across Illinois

Outreach by the bikers’ group climaxed with their Legislative Day on Wednesday, March 4.   Items on ABATE’s 2015 agenda center support for bills that will make biking safer across Illinois, and encourage group biking events.  Key bills include HB 3538 (Wheeler) to encourage and further authorize community groups to operate locally licensed, supervised poker run fundraisers, and HB 3944 (Bennett) to authorize new forms of safety lighting on motorcycles operating at night.     

ABATE and the Illinois Department of Transportation encouraged further participation in the Illinois Ride Smart program, a volunteer bikers’ education program to improve biker safety.  This cooperative awareness program encourages bikers and public-response teams to learn more about bike safety checks, biker high-visibility clothing, and free motorcycle training classes offered throughout Illinois with the cooperation of the Illinois Motorcycle Dealers Association.