House Committe Advances The ADW Bill

         HB 335 would make permanent the right of Illinois horse-players with an established account affiliation with a racetrack or horse gaming firm to place wagers from home.  “Advance deposit wagering” is the legal name of the system used by these bettors and bet windows.  ADW account holders can, in some parts of Illinois or with some types of satellite video subscription, watch live horse racing by cable TV, satellite, or streaming video after making bets by telephone or Internet connection on the races to be run.  Under current law, ADW operates legally in Illinois as a pilot program while its operations are studied by the General Assembly and by regulators.  The legal authorization to place and take ADW bets is scheduled to expire, or “sunset,” on February 1, 2017.

The new technology is strongly supported by many (but not all) facets of the horse racing industry.  It makes it possible for bettors to maintain their support of live horse racing without having to physically visit a racetrack or off-track betting parlor.  HB 335 (, if it is passed into law, will make the right to place ADW bets permanent in Illinois.  The House Executive Committee vote on Thursday, February 26 to advance HB 335 was 7-3-1, moving this measure to the Illinois House floor for further discussion and debate.