Caterpillar's New Global Headquarters

        The facility, announced on Friday, February 20, will enable the global machinery manufacturer to consolidate 3,200 employees who currently work in supervisory and executive positions throughout the Peoria area.  WEEK/Channel 19 describes the hopes of Caterpillar’s management:

Caterpillar told supporters this week that they plan to implement the construction of their new global headquarters in a manner that will minimize disruption of operations.  The new building complex, which will be clad in glass and Caterpillar yellow, will be constructed and operations transferred over what is preliminarily expected to be an eight-year period.  

      Supporters of the construction project were making plans this week for the development of a downtown neighborhood to surround the headquarters.  Amenities in the vicinity include historic buildings, the Illinois River, riverfront green space, and a museum/planetarium complex.  Plans are moving forward for the expansion of a network of bike trails ( to connect downtown Peoria with a variety of city neighborhoods.