Statement: Jesiel Responds to Rauner’s Turnaround Budget

"Today, Gov. Rauner presented his blue print to address the Illinois financial crisis. Perhaps for the first time in a decade, the Governor presented the budgetary process grounded by the reality of matching revenues with expenditures while paying our required obligations. This is something every family in Illinois has to do, and it’s time that government does too.

The Governor’s turnaround budget proposal requires a reduction in spending while funding essential government services. The Governor said this budget prioritizes public safety, funding for our most vulnerable, and boosts funding for education while restructuring the core cost of state government that is holding Illinois back.

The road ahead is full of tough choices that have to be made over the next few months, but this type of process is necessary to turning Illinois around. I look forward to reviewing the full budget proposal and its impact on my constituents during the negotiation process to ensure that our shared priorities are taken into consideration."