Illinois is moving more than 2 million Medicaid recipients to managed care

·        Managed health care is a way of life for millions of working Illinois residents and their families who are covered through the private sector.  Up until now, however, the more than 3.1 million Illinoisans who are enrolled in the State’s Medicaid system have used a more costly traditional fee-for-service model.
In Medicaid-reform moves pushed by Assistant Republican Leader Patti Bellock starting in 2011 (, as many Medicaid recipients as legally possible are now being transitioned to the more cost effective managed care program.    More than two-thirds of the affected patients, 2.2 million, are within or will soon be within this new system.  The move, supported by Governor Rauner, is being implemented by the Department of Healthcare and Family Services ( 

Budget experts believe that managed care may well reduce future medical expenses borne by the State.  Managed care can be used to give physicians and other caregivers an incentive to reduce future health complications.  The “Chicago Tribune” describes the move: