Illinois House - Committees Take Shape

      House committee lineup takes shape.  48 standing committees will scrutinize bills presented to the Illinois House in 2015-16.  Some of these committees will have highly specialized responsibilities and may meet only one to five times over the course of this two-year period, whereas others will meet weekly whenever the Illinois House is in session.  Each committee has a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, and a spokesperson.  The chair and vice-chair are named by the Speaker of the majority party, and the spokesperson is named by House Minority Leader Jim Durkin.     

Bills that a committee may hear are required, by the rules of the House, to be “posted” before hearing.  The Illinois House website lists the committees and their postings.  In addition, each posting of a bill is electronically noted on the webpage assigned to that bill.  Persons interested in any individual House bill or issue are urged to check the postings for that bill or the group of bills relevant to that issue.  A typical posting, for a meeting to be held on Feb. 18 by the House Consumer Protection Committee, is shown here.

Most committee hearings are held in Springfield, but nothing in House rules requires a panel to meet in the capital city.  In some cases a committee may meet in Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois, particularly if it will be hearing testimony related to a particular issue or subject matter.