Chicago-Area Measles Count Notches 8 Cases, Including 7 At Daycare Center.

        Public health officials do not know how the daycare infants caught the virus; a search is on for the person or persons who infected five infants.  The count of 8 measles cases was released on Monday, February 9.  The extremely contagious virus broke out last week at a day care center located in Chicago’s northwest suburbs.  While most Illinois adults are protected from catching measles by the vaccines they have received in the past, the infant patients were all under 12 months of age or were not old enough to get a doctor’s approval for these shots.  KinderCare, operator of the Palatine daycare center identified as the location of the Illinois infant outbreak, has told employees at its 1,900 day care centers nationwide that they must get vaccinated for measles ( as a condition of being allowed to continue to work in infant rooms.

A major outbreak of measles has broken loose in the United States this winter.  The outbreak has been partly traced to contacts made between a patient and other visitors to Disneyland in southern California.  At least 121 infections have been counted, spread across 17 states.  ABC News/Channel 7 covers the outbreak: