Bill SB11 - Minimum Wage Increase

Partisan Senate majority passes minimum wage increase; bill moves to House.  SB 11 would increase the standard Illinois minimum wage, applicable to most employment positions, from $8.25 an hour (current rate) to $11.00 an hour over a 5-year period.  The Senate vote was 35-15-1. 

A separate Chicago minimum wage increase is held harmless by SB 11, which means enactment of this bill would complete the “decoupling” of the minimum wage in Chicago from the minimum wage in the suburbs and in Downstate Illinois.  A temporary tax credit is created which supporters say could provide some relief for small businesses that are negatively affected by the enactment of this bill.

SB 11 did not contain workers’ compensation reform or any of the other labor-market reforms coupled to minimum-wage action by Governor Bruce Rauner in his State of the State address  as part of an overall Illinois economic-turnaround strategy.