Jesiel joins effort to prevent pension cost-shift to local taxpayers

GURNEE – State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor) has joined a number of her colleagues in the Illinois House to support House Resolution 1276. The resolution, which has over 40 sponsors so far, calls for members to oppose Senate Bill 16, which seeks to shift education pension costs from the state to local schools. The effect of which would lead to even higher property taxes as school boards seek to meet the demands of higher funding needs.
“For several years now the state has been delinquent in its obligation to the pension system,” said Jesiel. “Instead of focusing on managing budgets more responsibly, the state is once again trying to pass the burden on to local property taxpayers. Residents should not be forced to sacrifice more of their hard earned paychecks because of the failings of political leaders.”

House Resolution 1276 opposes the proposal in Senate Bill 16 to shift $10.2 billion in education pension costs from the state to local schools, universities and community colleges over the next 10 years. The resolution declares that such a cost shift would place another unfunded mandate on already stressed municipal entities, the “cost shift if financially wrong and would only serve to shift the pension burdens from the state to an unfunded mandate.”
“Illinoisans already pay the second highest-property taxes in the nation,” said Jesiel. “For that reason, our neighbors and businesses have been fleeing the state over the past several years. The idea that the state would do anything to make that burden even worse is unthinkable. I hope this bipartisan effort to prevent such act is successful for not only taxpayers, but the future of our children’s educations.”
House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) has already stated his intention to push for the cost shift measure.