Jesiel First Annual Recycling Fair is Big Hit

GURNEE – State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor) held her first annual recycling fair at Viking Middle School in Gurnee this past Saturday. The event offered recycling and donation for a number of items ranging from electronics to clothing and was a big hit with local residents.

“I’m pleased that so many residents took advantage of this occasion to clear-out their closet in a responsible and helpful way,” said Jesiel. “While the electronic recycling was a big hit, it was great to see so many donations to the Goodwill, U.S. flags collected for proper disposal, and old cell phones turned in to the Lions Club to be reused.”

The event featured electronic recycling, clothing donation, used U.S. Flag collection, battery recycling, and also keys, eyeglasses, and hearing aids recycling. Collecting vendors included, American Legion Post 771, the Goodwill Store, the Gurnee Lions Club, and Vintage Tech Recyclers. Jesiel said since the event was so successful she looks forward to hosting it again in the future.