Jesiel Signs Letter Promoting Energy Investment and Job Growth

GURNEE – State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R – Winthrop Harbor) has signed onto a letter with several other state and local officials concerning the future of the Waukegan coal plant. The plant was recently bought by New Jersey-based NRG Energy. The letter sought to welcome NRG to the community in addition to encouraging the development of a thorough plan for the future of the plant and the retention, and potential growth, of the existing workforce through new energy initiatives.

“Over the past several years a multitude of industrial jobs have been lost in our state, leaving many people without meaningful and reliable work,” said Jesiel. “We have the potential for a vibrant energy industry in Lake County and that’s why it is essential to work with NRG Energy. Working with NRG will not only ensure the development and growth of a vibrant energy economy, but also allow for the retention and expansion of workforce for communities across the county.”

The letter states: “We encourage you to provide our communities with certainty on a long-term plan for the coal plant and to engage stakeholders in Lake County in a transition process to explore meaningful opportunities for retraining of the workforce at the plant as well as revitalization of the site with an eye toward creating local jobs and an on-going tax base.”


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