GURNEE – State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor) is inviting residents of the 61st District to join her for her first annual recycling fair to be held at Viking Middle School in Gurnee. The event will offer recycling and donation for a number of items ranging from electronics to clothing.

“This event is a great opportunity for residents to properly dispose of items like old electronics or flags that often sit around collecting dust because nobody knows the right place to recycle them,” said Jesiel. “In addition, it will be a great opportunity to help those in need with donations of clothing or furniture to Goodwill. I hope residents will take advantage of this occasion to clear-out their closet in a responsible and helpful way.”  

The event will feature electronic recycling, clothing donation, used U.S. Flag collection, battery recycling (all but car batteries), and also keys, eyeglasses, and hearing aids recycling. For a comprehensive list of recyclable items, please visit Collecting vendors include, American Legion Post 771, the Goodwill Store, the Gurnee Lions Club, and Vintage Tech Recyclers.   

            WHO:             State Representative Sheri Jesiel
                                    Constituents of the 61st District

            WHAT:           Recycling Fair

            WHEN:          Saturday, August 2
                                    9a.m. to Noon

            WHERE:        Viking Middle School
                                    4462 Old Grand Ave.
                                    Gurnee, IL
GURNEE – State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor) is inviting residents of the 61st District to join her for coffee and snacks at a series of upcoming “Java with Jesiel” events to be held around the district. The purpose of these events is to be a meet and greet opportunity for constituents to discuss with Jesiel what issues facing the state are most important to them.

“We are facing a number of issues in Illinois, notably how to solve our state’s ever worsening fiscal insolvency, which impacts far more than just how large the budget deficit is,” said Jesiel. “While dealing with the budget is a major concern, there is a multitude of other issues we as a state need to address, some known and others less so, which is the purpose of these meet and greet events. I believe it is essential that when I’m in Springfield my efforts reflect the needs and concerns of my district. The best way to do that is to speak directly with people.”

Three “Java with Jesiel” events will be held in the coming weeks in Antioch, Gurnee and Zion. Constituents are encouraged to come prepared talk about what issues they feel state government should be tackling and their ideas on ways to deal with those issues.

            WHO:             State Representative Sheri Jesiel
                                    Constituents of the 61st District

            WHAT:           “Java with Jesiel” meet & greet


Monday, July 28                      Tuesday, July 29                                 Monday, August 4
7:30 to 8:30 a.m.                     6:30 to 7:30 p.m.                                 7:30 to 8:30 a.m.
CafĂ© Book                               Grandwood Park                                  It’s All Good Coffee & Espresso
395 Lake St., Antioch             Community Center                              2780 Sheridan Rd., Zion
                                                36630 N. Hutchins Rd., Gurnee

Rep. Sheri Jesiel met with veterans during the Traveling Veterans Assistance Commission at Warren Township Center. She was also introduced to a number of local seniors by Warren Township Supervisor Sue Simpson as they began to arrive at this past Wednesday’s senior pot luck lunch. 

Gurnee…Legislation formally recognizing the international definition of dyslexia, which was sponsored by former State Representative JoAnn Osmond (R-Gurnee), was signed into law by the Governor last week.  Under the new law, the Illinois State Board of Education will now recognize dyslexia as a learning disability and allow students who suffer from dyslexia to receive the extra help they need.  Current State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor), who was recently appointed to replace Osmond, called this new law a landmark piece of legislation for education in Illinois and a fitting example of the exceptional work done by Representative Osmond.

“For years parents of dyslexic children have been fighting to get their children the extra help they need to succeed in school, and for years they have hit road block after road block,” said Rep. Jesiel.  “Thanks to the hard work and dedication of JoAnn Osmond, dyslexia will for the first time be formally recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education and the road blocks will finally be torn down.  We must ensure that all children receive a world class education and that no one is left behind simply because they learn information a little differently than other kids.”

Dyslexia is the most common form of reading, writing, and spelling difficulties and it is estimated that as many as 1 in 5 students suffer from some degree of dyslexia.  Previously, schools were allowed to adopt their own rules to recognize dyslexia; however, due to budgetary constraints and a lack of understanding of dyslexia, few schools provide dyslexia specific services. 

“I was extremely honored to carry this legislation on behalf of the children and parents that deal with dyslexia everyday of their lives,” said Osmond.  “This recognition will open the door to a wealth of resources for both teachers and students.  Fewer than half of the states recognize this condition, limiting the educational potential of millions of children. It gives me great pride that Illinois is taking a leading role for such an important matter.”

GURNEE – State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R – Winthrop Harbor) has signed onto a letter with several other state and local officials concerning the future of the Waukegan coal plant. The plant was recently bought by New Jersey-based NRG Energy. The letter sought to welcome NRG to the community in addition to encouraging the development of a thorough plan for the future of the plant and the retention, and potential growth, of the existing workforce through new energy initiatives.

“Over the past several years a multitude of industrial jobs have been lost in our state, leaving many people without meaningful and reliable work,” said Jesiel. “We have the potential for a vibrant energy industry in Lake County and that’s why it is essential to work with NRG Energy. Working with NRG will not only ensure the development and growth of a vibrant energy economy, but also allow for the retention and expansion of workforce for communities across the county.”

The letter states: “We encourage you to provide our communities with certainty on a long-term plan for the coal plant and to engage stakeholders in Lake County in a transition process to explore meaningful opportunities for retraining of the workforce at the plant as well as revitalization of the site with an eye toward creating local jobs and an on-going tax base.”

ZION-BENTON – State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R – Winthrop Harbor) joined Secretary of State Jesse White, and numerous other state and local officials, at a ceremony to award the Zion-Benton Public Library with a Public Library Construction Act Grant for more than $19,000 to repair flood damage to the library’s computer systems.

“I’m so honored that one of my first official duties as State Representative is to be on hand for the presentation of this grant that supports our local library in the Zion, Winthrop Harbor, and Beach Park communities,” said Jesiel. “I would like to thank Secretary White, and his office, for his efforts to make this grant possible and help support access to essential education services.”

In September 2013, a pump on an air conditioning unit failed, flooding the room responsible for control of the library’s computer system and network. The damage disabled essential services such as the online catalog, circulation system, web site, email communications, and operations’ functions.

“I am pleased to award this grant to ensure that residents of Beach Park, Winthrop Harbor, and Zion can continue to enjoy all the resources their local library can provide,” said White. “This funding allows patrons to use technology, an invaluable tool in the operations of the library.”

Nann Blaine Hilyard played a major role in working with the Secretary of State’s office to secure the grant. Securing the funding was one of Hilyard’s last official acts as the library’s director after forty years of distinguished service and she was also honored at the ceremony.

“Nann has been a wonderful steward to the library for so many years, how fitting that one of her last efforts was to help secure a grant that will keep the library in good stead for years to come,” said Jesiel. “I remember going to the old library at the lagoon as a child and I’m so pleased to see my own daughter bringing her children to this very library today; without the work of Nann, and others like her, this fantastic facility wouldn’t be here today.”

GURNEE – Last week Sheri Jesiel (R – Winthrop Harbor) was appointed to fill the vacancy left by retiring State Rep. JoAnn Osmond (R – Antioch), following her twelve years of distinguished service to the 61st District. Subsequently, House Republican Leader Jim Durkin (R – Westchester) has appointed Rep. Jesiel to a number of committees previously held by Osmond. Those committees include Appropriations and Public Safety, Insurance, Human Services, Public Safety – Police and Fire, Tourism and Veterans Affairs.

“As I said following my appointment last week, it is my intention to carry on the long-standing tradition of fiscal responsibility that JoAnn and her late husband Tim championed for so many years for the people of the 61st District,” said Jesiel. “I thank Leader Durkin for the opportunity put my years of experience as a CPA to good use with the committees he has assigned me to.”

Rep. Jesiel is a graduate of Carthage College, where she earned degrees in Business Administration and Accounting. Following her graduation, Jesiel earned her CPA and since that time has proven herself to be an advocate of fiscal responsibility and financial management. Her knowledge and experience will no doubt be an asset in searching for solutions to the state’s tremendous fiscal problems.

“We have a crisis of employers, families and young people fleeing our state as a result of the towering financial problems and I look forward to working with my colleagues in Springfield to put Illinois back on the path to prosperity through solid fiscal management,” said Jesiel.

Zion-Winthrop Harbor, Illinois - On Wednesday, July 2nd, newly appointed State Representative Sheri Jesiel was sworn into office by Judge John Phillips. Jesiel will replace retiring State Representative JoAnn Osmond in the 61st district, who was appointed in December 2002 following the death of her late husband. On March 18th, Sheri won the Republican primary to serve in the Illinois House, having been unopposed.

“I am proud to serve the taxpayers, families, seniors and young adults of our communities. I intend to continue the long tradition of fiscal responsibility as exemplified by JoAnn Osmond and her late husband, Tim,” Jesiel said.

Sheri Jesiel is a licensed CPA and is an experienced businesswoman who has held management positions with nonprofits, small business startups and corporations. “The stranglehold that failed Democrat leadership has on Springfield must be broken. Democrats’ failed policies - taxing seniors out of their homes, taxing businesses out of the state and causing working families and young adults to seek job opportunities in more business-friendly states - must be reversed.” Jesiel continued, “I serve the taxpayers of this district and I will protect and defend every tax dollar to ensure that it is wisely spent as an investment in our future.”

Sheri Jesiel is a mom, “Nana”, homeowner and taxpayer who believes that common sense and sound management practices must be brought to Springfield.

Sheri is a lifelong resident of the Zion-Winthrop Harbor area and is a graduate of Carthage College where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Accounting. She is currently employed as an accountant/business manager with Christ Community Church in Zion.